AA Studio Architects North Melbourne

Architecture. Urban. Interior.

Being unique among design firms our services are also specialized in factors of converting ideas into lives for our clients, our culture, and our communities.

By gaining a holistic view of our clients’ vision, needs, and context, and adding creativity and innovation, our work addresses complex problems. We transform our clients’ dreams and missions, helping to make them leaders in their fields. Built environments should reflect context, history, cultures, communities, and the natural environment while incorporating advances in technology.

A deep dedication to sustainability and social responsibility is fundamental to our outlook, work, and culture. We are committed to creating regenerative designs which heal their environments and enhance the quality of life. Each of our projects represents our commitment not only to the individual client, but also to elevating the state of the art for the design professions and improving society for future generations.

What we offer is:

Architecture Design 

for Property Developers and Householders (Residential Projects)

Interior Design

   for Residential Projects, Hotels, Restaurants and Commercial Units

Urban Design

    for Property Developers for Large Scale Residential & Mixed-Use Projects  

Planning Permissions 

   for all kind of projects including small to large scale projects


Building Regulations 

    for all kind of projects including small to large scale projects


Project Management 

     We management all kind of projects including residential, commercial and large scale

        mixed-use developments.