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Planning Applications Planning Permit

aa studio offers comprehensive planning consultancy service to ensure that you stand the best chance of achieving planning permission.

We can assist preparing planning application (planning permit application) dealing with Local Planning Authority, liaising with other consultants, managing planning applications (planning permit applications), producing Planning drawings, Planning Statement and making sure that your planning application complies with current planning policies.

The Australian particularly Victoria’s planning system is one of the most complexes in the world and is constantly changing with new regulations and policies implemented every few months. Nevertheless, we ensure the best chance of achieving planning consent; give you proper guidance along with good knowledge of Planning Policies and how the planning process works.

At aa studio, we assist individual homeowners, property developers and corporate companies in order to achieve best design possible, which also complies with all current planning policies and design codes. The Planning Permit also known as planning permit is compulsory for all kind of developments including houses, units developments, townhouses, office developments, commercial and mixed use developments. Furthermore, planning application (planning permit) required for any alterations and extensions. However, a minor internal change or some outbuildings do not required planning permit/planning applications.


What is Planning Permit

Moreover, the planning permit is a legal document that gives permission for a use or development on a particular piece of land/building. To obtain a permit, you must make an application to the local council. If the council agrees with the proposal, it may grant a planning permit or a notice of decision.


We specialise in:

        Firm Knowledge of Local & Victoria Planning Policies 

             Consultation with Local Authority 

                  Pre-Planning & Planning Meetings with Local Authorities 

                       Preparing Architecture Design (in accordance with local planning policies)

                              3D Visualisations 

                                   Floor Plans, Elevations & other Relevant Drawings 

                                        Planning Statement  


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