Flats Conversion

Flats Conversion

aa studio architecture and urbanism have expedient and deep experience of the property conversion of houses, flats and offices. There are lots of things you have to consider before you make an investment and decide about your property conversion. Not only by proper consultancy and guideline but also we make sure your project is very well planned.

Moreover, the value of the property will be higher as professional architect will take all aspects of conversion into account and make sure you will have as much space as possible in converted flats. That is especially important if you convert houses in London and Home Counties where we are happy to help you on your project.

We offer flats conversion tend to be both ways, converting from the one dwelling unit into multiple dwellings and vice versa.Our flexible approach gives clients access to project problems and solutions. We do subdivision for whole wing or a whole or part of one floor or a combination of both.

For guidelines and more information on see planning portal


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